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Truth Verification/Lie Detector Test

When the Truth Really Matters

You have reached a Superior Truth Verification and Lie Detector/Lie Detection Service with not only years of investigative experience and superior training as well. The Polygraph Station LLC utilizes "State of the Art" truth verification and lie detection instrumentation combined with hundreds of prior examinations. Based in Charleston, The Polygraph Station LLC is licensed to conduct business in the entire state of West Virginia.

Now Retired, Owner and Operator Sean Crosier has over 27 years of Law Enforcement investigative experience coupled with training in the science of detecting deception, second to none. He has been a Polygraph Examiner for 19 years administering examinations running the gamut from Homicide to minor Thievery.

Sean Crosier has been an active member of the American Polygraph Association since 1998. The APA sets forth the worldwide standards of practice to ensure validity and reliability of polygraph testing.

Accuracy Studies

The APA and Federal Government have conducted over 250 Studies and determined polygraph to be 85-96% Accurate

We offer examinations in all areas of Truth Verification and Lie Detection:

  • Accused of Something You Didn't Do
  • Relationship Issues/Cheating Partners
  • Sexual Abuse Claims
  • Criminal and/or Civil Litigation
  • Veracity of Statements/False Claims
  • Armored Car (periodic monitoring)
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical (periodic monitoring)
  • Pre-Employment for Law Enforcement

Call us today for an Appointment at (304) 646-9925.